There are some souls that pursue happiness at any cost,

through enjoying life, in the comfort and peace of family, friends, work and routine;

through mind altering drugs, alcohol and the pleasures of the flesh.

Beautiful souls that in a cloud fly over trouble waters,

beautiful souls that age gracefully in big houses with 2 dogs and a load of grandsons and granddaughters.

Fulfilled, in a permanent extasis state, in contemplating love and in patience waiting of death,

that they will receive as the final present of the beautiful life they lived,

giving them the eternal rest for their tiresome life of love and accomplishment.

Those beautiful souls will live their’s (or others) dreams as if,

will live for the moment’s souvenirs and the snapshots.

Will live to ride the mainstreams of status quos and bloated hippocampi.

Will live to decorate walls with trophies and momentums of expensive vacations.

Those souls won’t rest until their checklist is complete and their stomach is filled.


But there are other souls… that don’t believe the hype.

That don’t take for granted what’s served and questions everything.

That spit in the face of happiness and willingly dive in the hell of reality,

to fight against all their demons and all their angels.

They are visceral and reckless…They see through masks and faces.

The world they live on is their enemy,they mock the trends, social skills, skin color and racism.

They know the dangers of living blind in the bliss of ignorance and joy.

This uncanny souls don’t indulge themselves,don’t pretend to be O.K for other’s peace of mind.

Their own existence is testimony of the big lie the rest is feeding on,

plundering and plundering through  and endless pile of shit and mud,

to finally rest when their flesh is thorn from their bones

and their mouth is sewed shut

and their eyes and balls are fed to the dogs.


Be only God to judge,

and have mercy on us all.