Untitled 005

I was dreaming of you again last night
like a revelation, my separation shines in front my eyes
Dreams were the life I was living
but real was the bitter taste the days kept bringing.

Like a liquorice was the anger truth that kept me drunk
Hope words and thoughts vanish in the smokey dusk
Trapped in the top of my life I fall
looking for you, in the maze of the lonesome love.
But then again, in dreams I felt loved, and I fall inlove
What is this bitter joy I can’t hold on?
I didn’t ask for it, so from where does it has come?
My reality keeps betraying my dreams, it had betrayed my love.
You were never here, nor are you a part of me
I kept myself apart, silence kept me at ease
You are not real, and is stupid keeping the hope
oh where have you gone my childhood love.
I will sink in this reality unwillingly now
I will die in this anger hopefully, any second from now.
I will finally melt the iceberg that is keeping me from falling apart
I will finally break myself in a thousands pieces no one would ever gather up.