You people never stop to amaze me,
how often you find yourself eager to be restrained,
how easy you lock yourself away
and how often you keep yourself at bay.

Hiding and sometimes peeking out a little to show your beak,

to let go a protest screech,
to squeal at the horror
or sadistically grin at it.

Hopping & hopping from cage to cage,
from the coffin you slept in,
to a car,
to a workplace.
from a hidden restaurant,
to the movies,
to your love bed.
Always a roof above your head.

From shelter to shelter,
to never be exposed.
To the rain,
to the sun,
to the breeze nor the stares,
within your comfort zone and your safe places in check,

that no one should ever dare to mess.

Because if they do, you will peek.
And screech,
and whine,
and cry,
and claw your nails into their eyes
until you get what you want.